Birdwatching Punta Laguna

Barred antshrike
Mayan Women Punta Laguna community
Don Manuel - Uma Nojoch Keej
Traditional Mayan gastronomy - Uma Nojoch Keej
Nohoch muul Coba archaeological
Spider monkey
Juvenile Spider monkey
Green-brested Mango © Eddy Ay Peña
Yucatan Jay
Grey Fox © Eddy Ay Peña
Mottled Owl
Ornate Hawk-Eagle
Red-vented (Yucatan) Woodpecker © Joel Ortega
Punta Laguna

Famous for its beautiful lake, mature jungle and huge population of spider monkeys, the area of Punta Laguna is also a potential habitat for over 360 species of birds.

On this tour we have the opportunity to see incredible birds and to experience the living Mayan culture while supporting local Eco-tourism initiatives.

For lunch, we will visit a Mayan family and enjoy a very tasty meal as we learn about their way of life and their efforts to preserve their environment and culture. Witness how they prepare handmade tortillas and be a witness to mayan traditional living and learn about the family´s project which reintroduces endangered endemic animals into the wild.

Do not miss the opportunity to add a visit to the archaeological site of Coba to this experience while we keep adding more birds to our list.

The early settlers of Coba took advantage of a series of small lakes to form their city; which was possibly the largest pre-Hispanic settlement of the Classic period in the northern part of the Yucatán. Coba flourished between 300-1000 AD. There are five main architectural groups distributed around the lakes connected by an impressive road network of sacbeoob (ancient causeways). The temple known as Nohoch Mul is 42m high (138 ft) and from the top we can enjoy a view of the jungle like a green carpet covering the ancient city.


  • Wednesday as part of a group

  • Any day on demand in private 


  • $175 USD per person as part of a small group

  • $55 USD per person to add a guided visit to Coba

  • $70 USD off the total price if client does not require transportation (private tours only)



  • Air-conditioned transportation

  • Light breakfast (coffee, energy bar and fruit)

  • Water, fruit and snacks

  • Profesional guidance

  • All entrance fees.

  • Lunch

"Experience the living culture of the area through the birds"




*Are you booking for 1 person only? 
Please note that in the event that there are no more people booked to join the tour,  you will be given the option to pay extra and do the tour in private. 

Tour program

  • 5:30 a.m. beginning of excursion (from Tulum)

  • 6:45 a.m. bird watch in Mayan community of Punta Laguna

  • 7:45 a.m. Breakfast (fruit cocktail, coffee or tea)

  • 8:15 a.m. bird watch in nature reserve

  • 11:30 a.m. learn about Don Manuel´s efforts towards conservation

  • 12:00 p.m. lunch

  • 2:00 pm end of the excursion

Who is it for?

  • Birdwatching Punta Laguna is an excellent excursion for the enthusiastic bird watcher who is also interested in the nature, culture and history of the area

  • Great for those who love to hike in deep jungle and for a chance to spot uncommon birds and possibly other wildlife

  • If you are passionate about birds but also want to experience the local Mayan culture this is the tour for you

  • For those interested in giving bird watching a try to enjoy the amazing world of birds and the incredible places they can take us to.

Turquoise-browed Motmot © Jonas


We recommend that clients bring:


- Comfortable clothes and shoes,

- Sunglasses and hat

- Camera & binoculars

- Eco friendly sunblock and mosquito repellant (preferably use clothes for protection against the sun and mosquitos)

- Some cash*

- Bring a refillable water bottle


*It is customary to tip the guides and staff for their excellent service.