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Customize your experience to your liking based on the distance you are willing to travel, how much time you want to be out birding, specific birds you want to see, and which other activities and/or places of interest you would like to add to your birdwatching day and travel itinerary. Why not combine your birding tour with a visit to an archaeological site of your preference or to an incredible cenote?

If you are unsure where to go birding, do not hesitate to ask, we know some great spots. Here are some suggestions. 

​Río Lagartos

Famous for the pink water ponds ¨Las Coloradas¨, and for the biggest colony of the American Flamingo, Rio Lagartos is without a doubt the best option for the bird watcher interested in documenting the greatest number of birds in one day.

Special features:

Great opportunity to explore and experience a traditional fishing town of Yucatan, visit Las Coloradas (pink water ponds), take a boat to cover aquatic ecosystems, chances of seeing a great diversity of birds including many Yucatan endemics.

Las coloradas © Julie Cassard
American Flamingos © Joel Ortega
American Flamingos © Joel Ortega
Bare-throated Tiger Heron © Joel Ortega
Boat tour Rio Lagartos © Joel Ortega
Birdwatching Rio Lagartos © Joel Ortega
Rio Lagartos pier Bridwatching Rio Lagartos © Joel Ortega
Yucatan Wren © Joel Ortega
Mexican Sheartail © Joel Ortega
Boat ride Rio Lagartos © Joel Ortega
Birdwatchers Rio Lagartos © Joel Ortega
Boat-billed night heron © Joel Ortega
American Flamigos © Joel Ortega

​Sian Ka´an Sunset 

Sian Ka´an, which in Yucatec Mayan language means “place where the sky begins,” is one of the largest natural protected areas in Mexico (1.6 million acres). Its incredible biodiversity is protected by the UNESCO under the program MAB (Man and the Biosphere). 

The Sian Ka´an biosphere reserve is located on a partially emerged coastal limestone plain, and as a consequence comprises some of the most diverse aquatic habitats of the area.  This characteristic makes of Sian Ka´an a place of great importance for the nourishment, shelter and reproduction of resident, migratory and transient aquatic birds.

In this afternoon tour, we take a boat to visit a wide variety of ecosystems in search of its feathered residents and migratory “population”. We make a brief stop at the Boca Paila bridge, where the brackish waters of a lagoon meet the Caribbean Sea.  Here it is possible to observe birds such as Osprey, Gulls, Terns, Sanderlings, Plovers and more.  We continue searching for birds through creeks in the mangroves as we learn about the history, hydrology and many other interesting aspects of this reserve.  To end a fabulous day of exploration, we stop the boat in front of a mangrove island to enjoy the sunset as hundreds of birds such as Roseate Spoonbills, White Ibis, Reddish Egrets, Tricolored, Boat-billed, Great Blue Herons and many more arrive from their feeding grounds to spend the night.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Great way to explore a good portion of Sian Ka´an by boat, many opportunities to photograph beautiful landscapes and birds. You don´t have to be a ´birder´ to enjoy this tour.  

Sian Ka´an Sunset © Julie Cassard
Great blue heron (courtship) © Miguel Amar Uribe
Sian Ka´an Reserve Boat tour
Roseate Spoonbill
Sunset birdwatching Sian Ka´an © Julie Cassard
Sian Ka´an Bird island © Julie Cassard
Reddish Egret
Boca Paila Bridge
Magnificent Frigatebird (female)
Sian Ka´an Boat tour
Sian Ka´an Islands © Julie Cassard
American crocodile © Julie Cassard
Sian Ka´an Canals
Reddish Egret
Boat billed Heron
Osprey Nest
Roseate Spoonbill
Sunset birdwatching © Joel Ortega
Peregrine Falcon © Karen

Birds and archaeology

The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the very important regions belonging to the larger territory that saw the development of the Mayan Civilization.  In this tour we explore some of the ancient cities, their impressive architecture and symbolic artwork as we talk about the many achievements of this great civilization.

Archaeological sites provide an excellent option to see a wide variety of birds given the fact that they are under special protection.  These sites also offer a wide range of habitats for birds since the ancient Maya built their cities in accordance to the locally available resources such as lakes, caves, swamps, marshes and jungle.

Tell us which archaeological site(s) you want to explore as we look for birds or let us make a few suggestions for you based on your needs and interests. The most popular sites can be visited at extra official hours to avoid crowds.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Birdwatching in ancient Mayan cities, great tour option to please everyone in your group that may not be a birder, two must do activities if you are interested in birds and you don´t want to miss visiting an ancient Mayan city.

Ruta Puuc
Tulum Archaeological site © Aaron Huber
© Miguel Amar Uribe
Uxmal archaeological site © Javier Garcia Chavez
Uxmal Iguana © Marv Watson
© Yohann Mourre
Gartered Trogon
Smoky-brown Woodpecker
Chichen Itza
Ball court Coba Archaeological site
Great Currassow
Ocellated turkey
Turquoise-browed Motmot
© Joel Ortega
Calakmul Archaeological site © Joel Ortega

​Toh Nature Reserve

About 170 bird species have been documented in this privately-owned 124-acre nature reserve on the ruta de cenotes road in Puerto Morelos, Quintana Roo. 

SPECIAL FEATURES: Close to Playa del Carmen and nearby hotels, great introduction in half a day to the birds and other interesting characteristics of the Yucatan.

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