Sian Ka'an Muyil
A Visual Delight

The closest option from Tulum to enjoy a great variety of birds. On this tour we walk in a Mayan village and visit the ancient trading post of Muyil in the jungle near the wetlands of Sian


American Pygmy Kingfisher - Amar Aves
Punta Laguna
Deep into the Mayan jungle

This is a great option for those interested in learning about the current Maya culture and in seeing birds in a beautiful and very important nature reserve, home also to hundreds of spider monkeys and other wildlife.  

Yucatan Jay - Amar Aves
Take a boat across the largest lagoon of the Sian Ka´an biosphere at sunset. Explore a wide variety of coastal ecosystems, observe local wildlife and witness the return of many resident and migratory bird species to their roosting spot.
Sian Ka´an Sunset
lancha sian kaan.jpg
More birding options
More birding options

Customize your experience to your liking or specific needs.  Choose which place(s) you want to visit, distance you are willing to travel, how much time you want to be out birding, specific birds you want to see, and more.

Roseate Spoonbill © Luigi Balzano