Muyil Birdwatching Tour

february 2018

"I can't say enough good things about this tour. Miguel was the most knowledgeable tour guide I have ever encountered in my travels. While we were seeing over 60 types of birds as we were walking through the various types of jungle we had the most stimulating conversation on ecology, history and the way of life in the Yucatan. Very impressed with his bird identification as well. My husband had never been birding before but he later stated that this was his favorite day of our entire adventure packed trip, partly because we got to spend so much time with Miguel. Next time we come back I will definitely plan at least one tour with his company, these guys are the real deal, you won't regret it."

Birdwatching near Tulum

december 2019

"The bird watching tour with Miguel was easily one of the highlights of our week in Tulum. We started early in the morning, but Miguel awaited us on the outskirts of Muyil with coffee, a big smile and lots of stories. Within half an hour after dusk, he handed over binoculars (which he had brought for us) to discover over 45 different birds in just a couple of hours. After a healthy fruit breakfast near the historic temples we also visited, we even saw some howler apes. Thanks to Miguel's patience, knowledge and readiness to answer all questions, the tour is perfect for experienced birdwatchers (like our daughter, a biologist) or complete newbies (us). Great experience"

Birdwatching day trip to Muyil village and Ruins

february 2020

"I went on a birdwatching tour guided by the incredible bird enthusiast, Miguel Amar. Miguel took a group of three of us on an early morning birding walk around the Mayan village of Muyil, then we enjoyed a break getting to know eachother and conversing about nature and ecology. Miguel shared with us a portion of what is clearly his vast knowledge of Mexican civilization across the ages. We then continued our birding in and around the Mayan ruins at Muyil. From there walked on a boardwalk through a periodically submerged forest to a large fresh water lake. It is clear that Miguel is deeply connected to nature; he can mimic bird calls with surprising accuracy, has uncanny instincts into bird behavior, and the insights gained from spending much time learning from and thinking about nature is clearly evident in him. If you are interested in seeing birds and learning about the place you are in, I can think of no better guide than Miguel."

magnificent Frigate Bird.Fragata Tijeret