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We are the birdwatching branch of Mexico Kan Tours, a responsible travel company based in Tulum, Mexico dedicated to creating quality travel experiences supporting conservation, and allowing people to connect with local nature and culture. Amar Aves believes birding can greatly benefit the Yucatan and the traveler with an appreciation for birds and nature. We are passionate about promoting birdwatching for the wide benefits it can generate for the conservation of ecosystems, its contribution to increase the quality of life of people in their local communities, and have designed various tours for the delight of birders and travelers with an interest for birds, nature and culture.

The Yucatan Peninsula is known for its beautiful beaches, colorful coral reef, lush jungle, a culture that gave rise to one of the most impressive civilizations and much more ... to talk about its birds, is equally fascinating. With over 500 species of birds including 13 endemics, the Yucatan Peninsula offers an exquisite diversity of birds in its different ecosystems such as: coasts, mangrove swamps, wetlands and various types of jungle. Given its privileged location between the north and south of the continent and between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea, many birds from more than 200 species migrate from North America and make the Yucatan Peninsula their home or crossing bridge during the winter of the northern hemisphere. During the summer (southern winter) about ten "visitors" from South America and other parts of the Caribbean make the Yucatan their breeding place. 

In addition to the great diversity of birds that can be observed in the Yucatan Peninsula, it is always interesting to learn about the connection that exists between birds, culture and the environment. Many can be found in places of interest such as archaeological sites, nature reserves and towns, some of which are recognised as World Heritage sites by UNESCO.  

What better way to promote the conservation of this valuable and beautiful place and of the people who make it their home than through its birds?

Let's start this flight together, let yourself be carried away by the wings of the birds of the beautiful Yucatan Peninsula with AMAR AVES. And if you are looking at going further afield, why not join a multi-day trip in Oaxaca. 

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